This was the second trip this year organized with the travel agency, Petits Trips Entre Amis. The mixed version of Copines de Voyage. The stay took place between September 3, the arrival day , and September 10, the departure day. There were therefore 6 full days on the island, the change of scenery was equal to the intensity of the stay. The kindness of each one, a founding element, made this stay a success.

Participants : Fred, Camille, Hervé, Sabine, Maxence

The arrival

Camille, Sabine, Maxence and Hervé came from all over France and Fred from Switzerland. Camille left several days before the beginning of the stay to visit a few of the other Greek islands such as Amorgos. Everyone met at the small port of Mastichiari in Kos on Monday at 13:00 to make the boat crossing to Kalymnos. So I picked up the group and took them to settle in Climbers Village, their residence for the week.

The Climbers Village

The Climbers Village from the sky

After a brief introduction to the accommodation by Tobi, the manager, we went to Super Mario, a shaded bar by the sea, for lunch and a swim.

I let them relax and enjoy their first moments on Kalymnos. We met in the evening to eat at Manolis’ restaurant, at the Kuzina By The Sea. We had a shared meal with an “opa” saganaki (flaming cheese) that is always sure to impress, a tasty mermizeli salad, fried and stuffed calamari with feta cheese.

The climbing

Each morning started with breakfast on the terrace of the Climbers Village at around 7am, served by Tobi. Typically we left to climb at around 8am. Here were the different sectors where we climbed :


Kasteli from the sky

  Setting up top ropes


Camille belaying

Sabine at ease !


Hervé is serene

Telendos : Lambda and Irox

  The bars are 20 meters away, the climbing sites are 1h30 away! Take your pick !!!

The approach

Routes of more than 30 meters

Fred battling a 6c !

A kiss…

The after-climbing !

After climbing, it was the lunch.

At Monster Café

Then the group roamed on the island and the beach.

The evenings

Every evening I proposed somewhere different to eat and taste the country’s various specialities.

At Azul

  Evening on the studio terrace : a private meal of Kalymnian specialities prepared by Kiko, a local chef

The boat trip

One of the highlights of the stay, was a day long boat trip from Pothia. The first stop was near a local fish farm where it is very common to encounter the islands dolphins! However they were elsewhere and eluded us on this trip! We travelled on to Vathi to climb (Deep Water Soloing) and finished in Pserimos to eat and relax with cocktails in the pool.

The team !

Rescue Team

During the traverse, Socratic Swimming Lesson

Sabine quiet

Camille focused

Everyone had their own way of climbing !

Fred at ease after the crux

Camille and the undercling !

Maxence in the key part !

If you tilt the picture and it’s an 8b+ !

Climbing in single file

Hervé estimate the height !

The pool and the bar !

The end

The group departed together on September 10, delighted by their stay. Many of them eager and planning to come back ! Quite often, you don’t come just once to Kalymnos, especially if you are a climber.

The photostrip

(click on the image to see the images in full screen)

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